Chateau Launches on Arbitrum One

Chateau Team
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The Chateau Capital team is excited to announce the official launch of the Chateau app on Arbitrum One.

Starting today, any international investor can access the Chateau App and invest in our first offering, Chateau Alternative Debt (CHAD.D).

This article breaks down the decision to choose Arbitrum as the first blockchain partner for Chateau, as well as a sneak preview of what is to come in the next few months.

The Leading DeFi Blockchain

There are numerous quality blockchain networks that an app can choose to launch on in 2024. However, the Chateau Capital team felt that the Arbitrum network was clearly the best place to start.

There are a few key differentiators that Arbitrum provides that makes them stand out from the rest of the field:

Arbitrum has a robust DeFi Ecosystem

As of today, Arbitrum is the leading L2 for DeFi with over $3.2 billion in TVL across 575 different apps. 

What’s even more impressive is that over 250K of addresses are active on a daily basis.

This creates a great distribution opportunity for Chateau to partner with other apps and tap into the existing active user base on the network.

It’s also worth mentioning that the user experience on Arbitrum One is exceptional. After the Decun + Atlas upgrades, average txn fees on Arbitrum now cost only a few cents!

Arbitrum is focused on RWAs

‍The Arbitrum DAO recently passed a proposal to invest over 35 million ARB tokens into RWA projects built on Arbitrum.

The Chateau team took this as a signal that Arbitrum is committed to becoming a long-term dominant player in the RWA space.

While other blockchains are chasing trends like Meme coins and NFTs, Arbitrum is doubling down to ensure they are at the forefront of the largest emerging category in crypto.

Offchain Labs’ operational excellence

The Chateau team has had the opportunity to meet with dozens of blockchain teams and it's clear that the Offchain labs team are among the most competent and professional in the sector.

Chateau has been able to receive key support in areas ranging from app partnerships and go-to-market strategy, to technical support.

Arbitrum Next Steps

As of today, investors can connect their Arbitrum wallets and stake USDT for CHAD.D issuance. CHAD.D is issued as fully composable ERC-20 tokens on the Arbitrum One network.

In the coming month, Chateau’s various ERC-20 tokens will become more tightly integrated into the Arbitrum DeFi ecosystem including:

  • Secondary trading on DEXs like Camelot and Uniswap
  • Ability to use CHAD.D across borrow/lend protocols
  • Added leverage via Gearbox integration

Furthermore, we are hoping to receive further support from the Arbitrum foundation via an Long Term Incentives Pilot Program (LTIPP) grant to further increase the yield for early liquidity providers of CHAD.D-USDT on decentralized exchanges.

Rewarding Early Adopters

In the coming weeks we will also be announcing the first campaign in our Chateau Points Program.

Early minters of CHAD.D as well as liquidity providers of CHAD.D on secondary markets will be rewarded with a boost in points. 

The rewards will be retroactively added to wallets that participate before the details of the program have been announced.

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