Trade Private Equities
on DeFi

Democratizing Access to Institutional Grade Investments
*Not Available to U.S. Persons, inclusive of qualified funds and entities
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Building a Crypto Native Global Financial System, where all assets can be can be accessed on DeFi
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Pre-IPO Shares

Invest in the next startup Unicorn before it goes public.

Traditionally only available to select investors, Pre-IPO shares provide investors with the potential for significant returns on their investment if the company performs well after going public.

Web3 Startups

Invest in the Future of Finance

CHΛTEΛU is the easiest way for Web3 Companies to find secondary market liquidity. Reach out to start the process.

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Fund LPs

Invest in VC, PE, TradFi and Web3 hedge funds directly on chain

Typically only marketed to select investors, find curated LP listings for a variety of funds on CHΛTEΛU

Get started

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    CHΛTEΛU screens all users to ensure US persons or entities are not using our services.

    After successful screening, user wallets are added to our whitelist and receive a Soul Bound KYC-NFT.

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    CHΛTEΛU works with a network of established broker dealers to access the best deal flow.

    We currently support USDT on Polygon and ETH.

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    Earn profit from cash settlement. Alternatively, choose to have the shares delivered to your broker